The pounding heartbeat of KRAAi are the modern jazz drums performed by Patrick. Since his graduation at the Maastricht Conservatory, he diligently plays in various collectives. His style is eclectic; combining dynamic soul and a semi-acoustic drum kit with challenging drum patterns, linked to the computer. Patrick Kessels promises good groove, sound and style for KRAAi. Influences by Autechre, Squarepusher and Amon Tobim.


Marie is a multidisciplinary artist whose work is based on different visual techniques. She often collaborates with musicians, dancers, writers and other artists and has many varied appearances and performances to her name. She also works for various international cultural venues and museums. Her drawings and moving images are on site and digitally edited and brought to life during performances with crow.


Elwin is a music producer and musician. He’s a monster, poet and virtuoso on the guitar. He’s a long tourtrack all troughout Europe and played with many artists over the years.


Has his sonorous roots in both contemporary music & progressive metal. Cross-overs & thinking outside the [black-]box are key elements in his praxis. His passion for researching and creating [auditive] immersive worlds fuel his artistic choices and adventures. Each project he attempts to create a ‘playing field’ by experimentation in which sounds & music are the building blocks that are decontextualised & deconstructed as to be re-organised & reshaped in his own chosen narrative. ~SoundSculpting~


rhymes trumpet Kleine Wijzer


contrabass mister P


Ruud is a visual artist turned programmer turned electronic musician. After art school, he dedicated himself to creating installations and sound art. Today he focuses on algorithmic and generative music. With his inventive thinking he translates present elements to his own tonal language.


Piotr is steadily gaining attention as one of the most talented bass clarinet players of his generation. Together with his brother Greg, he played already for David Beckham, Omarion, Micaela Schaefer and many others. In 2009 and 2010 he internationally cooperated with Jim Black, Ravie Coltrane and Ralph Alessie. His first solo album The Bass Invasion had a huge premiere in New York on Break Thru. In 2012 he was awarded with the prestige Dutch Hustinx prize.


Greg is active with a huge success on the Dutch, German and American music scene. He graduated in 2012 from the Hochschule für musik in Cologne with the highest distinction, awarded with the prestigious Dutch Hustinx prize and graduated Master degree of Music in New York (David Binney). In march 2012 the New Yorker jazz radio Break Thru broadcasted his latest album Changes. Greg has played with Gino Vanelli, Doe Maar, Anouk and many others.


We welcome professional jazz musicians to meet the collective. Please feel free to contact us if you like our sound and if you are interested in working with KRAAi.